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Nothing along the Baltic Coast comes close to the hills of a real-world Corona. Wiezyca is the best the region has to offer. It’s in Polish Pomerelia, and while it’s nowhere near as dramatic as the hills of Corona, it does offer some interesting nooks as well as the Kashubian Lake District, which could use a dam or two (maybe). The map shows the relation of Wiezcya to the lakes.

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Gdynia, Poland, is one of the more intriguing potential locations for a real-world Corona. The bottom map shows (underlined in red) the city of Gdynia and the 1,000-foot Wiezcya hills next to the Kashubian Lake District. The photos show the fachwerk architecture common in Corona (left), Wiezcya (center), and Kaszuby lake (right), with corresponding maps beneath them.

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